Sunday, June 17, 2012

Weekend Visits

I'm getting pretty good at sticking to a weekend discipline/schedule of visiting NESCBWI blogs.

Jo Knowles is a Facebook Friend I actually met for real once in a parking lot before a NESCBWI salon. It was somewhere in Massachusetts. Don't recall the town. Don't recall what the Salon was about. The fact that Jo is from Vermont where I grew up is a big part of the reason I originally remembered her. She has a good blog where she writes regularly about her professional life. She's very active both in terms of writing (new book out this year), teaching, and making appearances.

Alison Kolesar is an illustrator. She describes her blog, Jumping in Puddles, as an illustration blog. It does look as if every post includes an illustration.

Jane Kohuth also has a book out this spring. Her blog, Jane Says, deals pretty much with news relating to her books.

Kathleen Kudlinski is another Facebook Friend. She's only been updating her blog, The Pond Side Place, once a month recently. That might be because her energy and time are going into her column, The Naturalist, at The New Haven Register.

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