Friday, March 22, 2013

Wait. Maybe I Do Have An Idea Here.

When I see John Green do a vloggie for his brother, I realize that there is a reason he is a giant, and I am not. It's not because he's more talented, wittier, or smoother on camera than I am. All those things may be true, though I'm not saying they are. But they're not what makes the world embrace him while the world isn't sure where I am.

No. What makes John Green JOHN GREEN while I am gail gauthier, is that he is nice. Did you see him talk in that vlog about how traveling means he has to be away from his family, as if that's a big drawback? Yeah, well, with Gauthiers that's the number one reason to go on the road. Not so nice, eh?

If my sister and I were exchanging video thingies, we would be bitching...on camera...the entire time. We would be bitching about our other relatives, primarily, but we are fairly sophisticated women and can branch out to the Royal Family, cable providers,  Nurse Jackie (I'm sure you can guess that I love her. My sister does not.), and chain restaurants. A three-minute vlog would not begin to give us enough scope for our opinions, most of which are not warm and fuzzy and John Greenish.

The question of needing a bigger canvas for our complaints is secondary to the one of whether or not anyone would want to sit and listen to two people express them. It would depend on what we were complaining about, I suppose. People listen to Mika complain about Joe on Morning Joe every day. That's pretty much her function on the show. That suggests there is a market for this kind of thing. You just have to know how to tap it.

So maybe my sister and I could put together a bitchlog. I do have a YouTube channel now.


tanita✿davis said...


Yeah, I ...can see ... my siblings and I...

Yeah. It wouldn't be pretty.
It's not that we don't love each other. It's just not a shiny, carefully curated, edited, photogenic love. It includes a lot of eye-rolling, and occasionally hanging up. That dead air just doesn't play as well...

Gail Gauthier said...

I don't know. My sister and I might enjoy it.