Friday, March 29, 2013

Where Has Gail Been Recently?

Last year, I read about a blogger who did a monthly thank you to all the bloggers who had included him in posts in some way. I have no recollection of who this guy was now, but I do recall that he was mentioned all over the Internet. That is not a situation I ever find myself in. However, this month I have been around more than usual, so this is a collection of the posts and blogs that either featured or included me in some way over the past four weeks.

Alison Pearce Stevens--Marketing Monday Gail Gauthier.

GreenBeanTeenQueen--Guest Post Gail Gauthier

bookshelves of doom--The Epic Elizabeth Peters Lovefest

The Writing Reader--Carnival of Creativity

Finding Wonderland--Turning Pages: Saving the Planet & Stuff, By Gail Gauthier

Secrets & Sharing Soda--March 2013 Carnival of Children's Literature

Thanks, folks.

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