Monday, April 08, 2013

The Book Train Has Left My Station

The stars finally lined up correctly, and not only did I finally manage to get my book donation for Book Train pulled together and packaged, I actually got it to the post office today and mailed it.

Book Train is an organization/site begun by author Lynda Mullaly Hunt  "to connect people who are advocates for children and children’s literacy with people who will get book donations directly into the hands of kids." Specifically, into the hands of kids who are in foster care.

Right now, only two states are involved as far as distribution is concerned--Connecticut and Colorado. Books may be donated to those two states from anywhere in the country. Note that Book Train is looking for social workers in other states to distribute books.

I'd been planning to make a book donation ever since I heard about this program. I had to mail a book to another group last week, so I thought it would be time and energy efficient to create two packages at once. Or was I moved to finally do this because I'm reading The Language of Flowers with its protagonist who has just come out of the foster care system? Hmmm.

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