Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Time Management Tuesday: A Break To Remind Ourselves About Transition Time

I have to take a break from my quest for discipline because my next step on that search is reading Kelly McGonigal's The Willpower Instinct, which I just picked up today. I haven't learned to manage time so well that I can have it read by midnight, forget about giving it any thought.

So while we're waiting for me to see if there's anything in The Willpower Instinct that we can use, I'm going to refer you to one of last year's posts about transition time. Why? Because if I ever become self-disciplined, it's one of the things I hope to get control of. I'm not doing much better with it now than I was when I wrote about it back in July of last year.

I  find it interesting that I  see so little written about transition time. This post from Attack Your Day is the best thing I found today, and it's what I found last year, too. I sometimes see a bit written about it in reference to groups needing to spend time moving from one activity another, but there's not much out there on individuals losing time while they're making transitions from morning routine to work, work to evening routine, etc.

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