Sunday, April 21, 2013

Weekend Links

I missed last weekend's links, so I've got a bit of a pile up today.

I was never able to get into Veronica Mars, but this post at GreenBeanTeenQueen on what to read while waiting for the movie appears to be a listing of YA mystery. Except for Rats Saw God, which I read back in 2004.

Are teen readers moving back to print from eBooks? Leila at bookshelves of doom wants to know. Yeah, me, too.

A huge list of YA mystery at Stacked.

Love Dorothy's World at Oz and Ends.

Secrets & Sharing Soda's contribution to March's Carnival of Children's Lit, which it hosted, was on Afternoon of the Elves by Janet Taylor Lisle. Secrets & Sharing Soda said of it, "This is one of the creepiest children’s books I have ever read." I remember reading that book. I do recall some oddness to it. I also am 90% certain I read it to my kids. This is a book I'm probably going to revisit sometime.

Since I've been on Feedly, I've been able to do more visiting and reading, so I've been able to add friends' blogs. I particularly liked the poem Call Me Ishmael in this post at Tanita Davis's blog. But be sure to read the body of the post, too.

As I'm sure I've mentioned here before, when I was in high school I read The Wild Boy of Aveyron by Jean Marc Gaspard Itard. So I always have to read about new versions of the story, such as Wild Boy: The Real Life of the Savage of Aveyron by Mary Losure.

New NESCBWI member Mark McNulty is starting a blog relating to his soon-to-be experiences as a father. The jaded, broken mom in me wants to go, "Hahahahahaha, like you're going to blog and write fiction after that kid is born! Like you're going to bathe after that kid is born!" But I work really hard to control that part of me. Mark, the author of The Sea Shack, is also going to be reviewing books at The New American Dad.

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