Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Ellen Hopkins In Connecticut

Ellen Hopkins' pile of books.
Author Ellen Hopkins, who has written a pile of books, is touring to support her new YA book, Traffick, as well her adult book, Love Lies Beneath. Last night, she was touring here in Connecticut. She presented some intro material, did a reading, and answered questions.

I am not familiar with Ellen Hopkins' work. However, I found much of what she had to say interesting in terms of writing.

  • Hopkins writes two books a year, spending 3 to 4 months on each book.
  • She's been spending around 100 days a year on the road, but is trying to cut down. She's able to write while traveling. Yesterday she put in 4 hours of writing between a school visit and the store appearance.
  • She receives around 200 messages a day from readers spread among various social media platforms.
  • Her adult novel Triangles and her YA Tilt are companion books. They deal with the same situation from adult and YA points of view. As a writer, I think that's fascinating.
Hopkins attracted a nice crowd at our local Barnes & Noble, including a number of teenagers. Her YA book coming out next year: Chameleon.

She also had some writing advice that I'm save for a Weekend Writer post. 


Unknown said...

My old eighth graders really liked her books. I'm impressed that she writes two books a year!

Gail Gauthier said...

So am I.