Monday, November 16, 2015

How Great Was This Year's Connecticut Children's Book Fair?

This year's Connecticut Children's Book Fair was particularly terrific. The four author/illustrator presentations I attended yesterday were so great that I'm going to be giving them each their own blog post this week. I described the fair on Facebook as being like a writers' conference but better because it was free and the author talks only lasted thirty minutes. Also, usually at a conference there's a lot of inconsistency in the offerings. Some are much better than others. But, as I said, I saw four presenters, and they were all excellent.

A Photo Album Today

I got to the fair a little early to check out Elisha Cooper's book, Train. And, yes, that's him over to the right, signing the copy I'm giving to a family member for Christmas.

I stopped to say hello to Barbara McClintock because a couple of years ago, I heard her speak on a panel regarding women in publishing. And, of course, she's a #CTwomanwriter.

You all remember that I am an Ivy + Bean fan, right? I thought that was a good reason to say hello to that series' illustrator, Sophie Blackall.

I always see kids at this book fair, but I don't recall if they turned out for the actual author talks in the past. They certainly did this year.

More on the Connecticut Book Fair will be coming later this week.


Mrs. G. said...

Great post! We'll definitely be checking out Elisha Cooper's book Train - looks wonderful!

Jane Sutcliffe said...

And I learned that Barbara McClintock's illustrations for MY GRANDFATHER'S COAT are based on scenes in Connecticut--another New England connection.

Gail Gauthier said...

I won't know until after Christmas how well "Train" goes over with the little one, but I think it looks very promising.

Jane--Glad you got a chance to squeeze in listening to some other presenters. I think there were a number of Connecticut authors/illustrators this year.