Saturday, February 13, 2016

A Little Reading Round-Up

 I've been doing some reading I'd like to talk about, so get ready.

Children's Books: A Middle Class Ghetto? by Elen Caldecott in The Guardian. Interesting points: Caldecott argues that when working class kids do appear in children's books, they're often portrayed negatively. The working class life is one characters should want to escape.

Not Another Critique Group by Kelsi Turner in the SCBWI Winter 2016 Bulletin. This was a list of suggested alternatives to traditional critique groups.

State Author Networks: A Model From New Jersey by Jennifer R. Hubbard in the SCBWI Winter 2016 Bulletin. You know how I am about community. This article is all about creating a writer community within a state. Our SCBWI presence in my corner of the world is New England-wide, not state-wide. We miss out on the closer community.

The Savvy Self-Publisher column in the Nov./Dec., 2015 issue of Poets & Writers. Editor Jessica Page Morrell says that a "strong cover" can be designed for less than $5,000. Publicist Jessica Glenn reports that her company provides a "traditional campaign" for $5,000. The column doesn't mention editing. The days of publishing eBooks is long gone, people.

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