Friday, February 05, 2016

What Did You Do This Week, Gail? Feb. 5 Edition

 The Friday report on my work on this year's goals.

Goal 1. Adhere to goals and objectives.  By this I mean, did I actually make an effort at the beginning of the week to plan which goals I would concentrate on. Yes.

Goal 2. Mummy Hunters submission. Have new places lined up.

Goal 3. Generate new short/work programs. I'm in good shape with the elementary school version of Writing Strategies for Fiction, which I need to present at the beginning of March. I've finished the script for the middle school version, prepared the content for the slides, and handed them off to Computer Guy. By the way, I also had to turn down an invitation to speak at another school because it conflicted with the Writing Strategies event. That was a fun first.

 I checked out a market for short stories. No go with that one.

Goal 4. Marketing Saving the Planet & Stuff eBook. I finally mailed a copy of the original edition off to an agency that will use it for a fundraiser in May. I also have the info on how to withdraw the eBook from Barnes & Noble and Kobo prior to offering it as part of KDP Select. I'm going to coordinate the withdrawal with a website update so we won't be marketing it as available in places it's not.

The work I did on gathering the above info was part of my 30-Day Boost Your Productivity Challenge. I probably would have let that slip through the cracks without that commitment.

Goal 5. Community Building/General Marketing/Branding.

  • Book stats post. Promoted to Google+, and Twitter
  • TMT post. Promoted  to Facebook, Google+ communities, Twitter
  • Environmental Book Club Post. Promoted to Google+ Community, Goodreads, Twitter, and Amazon. Interesting point--the Environmental Book Club tweets got me a lot of RTs and likes, but they didn't generate a lot of visits here, which is very interesting.
  • Reposted one of this week's blog posts to my Goodreads blog
  • Renewed my SCBWI membership
Goal 6. Generate New Work. This goal is supposed to be about the adult version of Becoming Greg and Emma, which I did not work on. Instead, I spent some time e-mailing back and forth with someone about a totally new long-form project that will probably take years to complete, assuming we do it at all.

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