Monday, February 29, 2016

Louise Rennison--Fabby, Fab, Fab Forever

I have written about Georgia Nicolson many times here. I am sorry to be writing about her today, because I have to report that her creator, Louise Rennison, has died.

Rennison's most famous creation was, and continues to be, a fantastic character. Sometimes not much happened in a fabby, fab, fab Georgia Nicolson book. "Not many authors can write about the nothingness of life as entertainingly as Rennison. Sacre bloody bleu! She is a genius!" Yeah, that was me, saying that.

How terrific was Georgia Nicolson? How much of an impact did she have? Write alikes started appearing soon after Georgia exploded on the scene. They didn't last long, because there is only one Georgia Nicholson.

How good is she? I can read a book about boyfriends and shopping only if Georgia is in it.

How good was Louise Rennison? Even when she moved on to another series, one about Georgia's younger cousin, Tallulah, she couldn't help but be funny. And that's with Tallulah being deeper than Georgia. "Her interests  involve more than boys but not to the point that it ruins her sense of humor."  "She and her friends have read Wuthering Heights and Jane Eyre, though, and are capable of some really clever Heathcliff and Mrs. Rochester jokes. In the Glossary at the back of the book, Tallulah defines Heathcliff as "The 'hero' of Wuthering Heights. Although no one knows why." Yes, I'm quoting me again. Because, seriously, Rennison is a favorite author.

Well, this stinks. 


Ms. Yingling said...

Well, this does indeed stink. I was very sad to hear, just recently, that Ellen Conford passed away about a year ago. Hard to lose our favorite authors.

Gail Gauthier said...

I'm feeling better now, but for a while there I felt worse about this than I did when Terry Pratchett died.

I've heard of Ellen Conford, but I don't think I've read any of her work.