Monday, January 22, 2018

Love Them Summer Jobs

I have have a soft spot for teenage summer job stories, for some reason particularly if they involve boys. In fact, when I told someone about this preference recently, he pointed out to me that I wrote a teenage boy summer job book. So I picked up The Lake Effect by Erin McCahan because it involved a recent high school graduate’s summer working for an elderly woman in her home on Lake Michigan. (I’ve been to Lake Michigan!)

This was a light-ish read with heavy spots. Personally, I think there was a little too much going on. I would have liked to stick more to Abigail’s issue or more about grandma Ruth. Pick a couple of things and dwell on them more. I'm on a less is more kick this year.

Regarding the funerals that the main character’s boss is always making him take her to: Some people may not find that very believable. To them I would say that Grandma Gauthier took me to crash a wedding when I was very older than seven. We didn’t go to the reception, just the  Catholic church service. It turned out the bride was the older sister of someone I went to school with, and the girl I knew saw me there. I don’t recall things getting particularly awkward, but I do remember that it happened. That must mean something.

What’s with these old ladies?

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