Monday, March 26, 2018

Reading For Research Month, Day 18

Okay, lads and lasses. The weekend is over, I'm caught up for the moment on Reading for Research Month, so here we go again. Today's post by author Salina Yoon addresses board books. Board books are very early readers, and, Yoon says, readers read a board book's "shape, its form, its weight, its texture, its size, its pictures, and even its taste." Therefore, she considers all the senses when she creates a board book.

She also describes board books as interactive, which was interesting given that Day 17 of ReFoReMo was all about interactive books. In that case, Cindy Schrauben was talking about books that were interactive intellectually. Yoon today is talking about books that are interactive in physical ways.

Well, people, we knew this day had to come. I was not able to find a single one of the suggested mentor texts for today.

Today's Picture Books

Zero. Zippy.

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