Friday, July 13, 2018

A Visit To The Storyteller's Cottage

I finally got a chance to visit The Storyteller's Cottage in Simsbury, Connecticut today. We just dropped by and were given a tour by a marvelous staff member whose name I didn't think to ask.

The Storyteller's Cottage is a venue for literary activities. It runs what you might call your traditional book events such as writing classes and author appearances. But it also does unique, outside-the-box things like mystery rooms and costume parties. Check out some of the things it's doing this summer.

Among the spots in the house we hit were the Jane Austen dining room, which is quite lovely, and an early twentieth-century room related to 'thirties-era Agatha Christie mysteries.

The real eye-popper, though, was what I might call the Harry Popper suite. It's more than one room. I'm not even a Harry Potter fan, and I thought these rooms were marvelous.  

As I said, we dropped in on this place. We were in town for Simsbury's Art Trail, an installation of 32 pieces of sculpture by Seward Johnson. One of my favorites was a statue of Monet painting.

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