Tuesday, November 03, 2020

When An Argument Is A Good Thing

I've had the May/June 2020 Horn Book floating around the house for months, because I wanted to bring Our Modern Minstrelsy by Kekla Magoon to your attention. This is a very interesting and well argued article about how Black characters are portrayed in children's books and by whom. Magoon says,

"...it would be apt to compare the entire body of children’s literature written by white people about Black people to the paradigm of minstrelsy."

 I would have quoted more of that paragraph, but I read a book on historical documentation this past year that frightened me about quoting too much, even when attributed. So go check out this article, yourself.

FlashNaNo 2020


I bet you're wondering how things are going with my flash writing this month. So far, so good. I was particularly happy with yesterday's work.
Here is an old piece about writing flash fiction that I'd squirreled away in my journal for reading. It's a lesson plan with a number of links, some to even older material. 


Test said...

I love Magoon's writing and can't wait to see if she finally finished her nonfiction book about the Black Panthers. Back in 2006, when I was looking for books with Black characters, there were a lot by white writers. Most of these don't hold up terribly well, but I reread two Matt Christopher books that I will probably keep. I wouldn't buy them again, but I think I will keep them as historical documents.

Gail Gauthier said...

I had not heard of her before, but I was certainly impressed with her article and will keep her in mind.