Friday, November 27, 2020

November Childlit Book Releases

As I've said before, I collect my monthly pandemic book release material from social media. This month, I've seen a lot fewer books being discussed. I usually have to do two posts because I collect so much material. Back when I did the Connecticut Children's Lit Calendar, November and December were very quiet months for author appearances. So these may be months when far fewer books are published. Though you'd think new books would sell well during the December holidays, and, therefore, that would be a desirable publishing time. I know fall is when "big" books are published. Winter must not be for anyone.

Nov. 1 Life in a Frozen World, Mary Batten, Thomas Gonzalez illustrator, Peachtree 





Nov. 3 Stick With Me, Jennifer Blecher, Greenwillow/Harper Collins






Nov. 3 Serena Says, Tanita S. Davis, Katherine Tegen Books/Harper Collins







Nov. 3 The Mouse Watch, J.J. Gilbert, Disney-Hyperion 






Nov. 3 Minecraft: The Shipwreck, C.B. Lee, Del Rey/Penguin Random House 








Nov. 8 Friends and Anemones: Ocean Poems, Kristen Wixted and Heather Kelly editors, Robert Thibeault designer, Writers' Loft






Nov. 10 Accidental Archaeologists, Sarah Albee, Nathan Hackett illustrator, Scholastic  






Nov. 10 Anya and the Nightingale, Sofiya Pasternak, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt






Nov. 10 The Efficient, Inventive (Often Annoying) Melvil Dewey, Alexis O'Neill, Edwin Fotheringham illustrator, Calkins Creek/Penguin Random House





Nov. 10 Ra the Mighty: The Crocodile Caper, A. B. Greenfield, Sarah Horne illustrator, Holiday House/Penguin Random House






Nov. 10 Love and Olives, Jenna Welch Evans, Simon & Schuster






Nov. 10 Don't Judge Me, Lisa Schroeder, Scholastic 






Nov. 10 Friend Me, Sheila M. Averbuch, Scholastic

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