Wednesday, July 28, 2021

July Childlit Book Releases

Well, here I am, watching Olympic coverage and working on this month's book post. As usual, these are just the books releasing this month that drifted across my radar. There are many more out there.


July 6 Fourteen Monkeys, Melissa Stewart, Steve Jenkins illustrations   

July 6 Who Was Juliette Gordon Low? Dana Meachen Rau, Dede Putra illustrations






July 6 The Girl in the Headlines, Hannah Jayne 






July 6 Swimming With Sharks, Melissa Cristina Marquez 






July 6 Minecraft: The Dragon, Nicky Drayden







July 6 My School Stinks, Becky Scharnhorst, Julia Patton illustrations 






July 6 Forever This Summer, Leslie C. Youngblood







 July 6 Except Antartica, Todd Sturgell





 July 6 The Last Super Chef, Chris Negron







July 6 The Okay Witch and the Hungry Shadow, Emma Steinkellner






July 13 When All the Girls Are Sleeping, Emily Arsenault 







July 13 Open the Witch's DoorJannie Ho illustrations






July 13 Paranorthern and the Chaos Bunny A-Hop-Calypse , Stephanie Cooke, Mari Costa illustraitons






July 13 Maya and the Robot, Eve L. Ewing, Christine Almeda illustrations






July 13, Margie Kelley Breaks the Dress Code, Bridget Farr 


July 20 Rhinos in Nebraska, Alison Pearce Stevens, Matt Huynh






July 20, The Secret Science of Sports, Jennifer Swanson



July 20, Better With Butter, Victoria Piontek 






July 20, The Halloween Moon, Joseph Fink  






July 20 Linked, Gordon Korman






July 27 A Life Electric, Azadeh Westergaard, Julia Sarda illustrations




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