Saturday, July 10, 2021

Some Virtual Opportunities For July

This month I'm including a writers' conference. (See July 30-31 below.) The Northwestern University Summer Writers' Conference is of particular interest because, not only is it virtual this year, you can also just register for the workshops you're interested in. They offer options for one, two, three workshops, or the whole conference.

This is a big deal to me. Sad to say, my interests appear to be pretty narrow. I'm hard put to find enough workshops offered at a conference that fit my work, either as it is now or I want it to be, to make it worth attending a one- day conference, forget about two. And I'm talking conferences just an hour or two from my home. Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know about the hanging around/networking thing. At least, I've heard about it. But if you've got only two one-hour workshops spread over even just a one-day conference that's a whole lot more hanging around/networking than I can tolerate. 

To be able to sign up for just one workshop, as I have for this NU program, and be able to attend it from my home--that is like a fantasy. On top of that, Northwestern is in Chicago. I am in southern New England. Yes, yes, we are talking a fantasy here. No, wait. We may be talking a futuristic sci-fi scenario.

UPDATE: I've added two more virtual opportunities for writers, these specifically for writers of children's books. See below.

As usual, as I hear about more virtual programs, I'll update this post. I tweet all the offerings so following me on Twitter would be a way to keep up with anything new that I find.

July 20 Alison Pearce Stevens, University of Nebraska State Museum, Lincoln, Nebraska 7:00 PM CT 

July 20 Meghan P. Browne, Blue Willow Bookshop, Houston, Texas 5:00 PM CT

July 21 Max Brallier, Supriya Kelkar, Minh Le, Alicia D. Williams, Kate Milford, R. J. Julia Booksellers, Madison, Connecticut  7:00 PM ET 

July 21  Chris Tebbetts First of two-part webinar, The Writers' Loft, Sherborn, Massachusetts 7:00 PM ET

July 21 Diana Lopez, Blue Willow Bookshop, Houston, Texas 5:00 PM CT 

July 27 Erin Dionne First of a multi-part webinar, The Writers' Loft, Sherborn, Massachusetts 7:00 PM ET

July 28 Emily Arsenault, R. J. Julia Booksellers, Madison, Connecticut 7:00 PM ET

July 30-31 Northwestern University Summer Writers' Conference, Chicago, Illinois  CT

July 31 Jerry Craft, R.J. Julia Booksellers and E. Scranton Memorial Library, Madison, CT 10:00 AM ET

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