Saturday, January 08, 2022

Retreat Week Starts Tomorrow

One of last year's hikes. Not my house
Our annual retreat week starts tomorrow. Instead of going north and hanging out in a guesthouse in the mountains, snowshoeing and hiking, reading, and eating  in restaurants, we will be retreating in place again. We actually had a good time retreating at home when we did this last year.

I plan to do lots of reading, whatever hiking the weather allows, and eating takeout or food I cooked this week. No writing or house-related work, no interaction with others, no checking e-mail. In the past, I've posted hiking and snowshoeing pictures on Facebook while on retreat, but Facebook has been testy about letting me post pictures, so I may not even try to do that. 

I got into sledding in my front yard last year, and I got a nice little run going yesterday afternoon, because we had 9 inches of snow yesterday morning. I'd be out there a lot this week, but we're expecting rain tomorrow. But that could be good reading weather. I've got some back issues of magazines I'm hoping to hit hard.

See you maybe the 17th or 18th.

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