Friday, July 01, 2022

And How Is Your Year Going?

It's the last day of the second quarter. Time to check on how I'm doing with this year's goals and objectives. Family business was up in March, so I didn't check at the end of the first quarter. But...begin
Where I'm working these days.

Goal 1. Work on short-form writing, essays, and short stories.  


  • Work on the humor and flash pieces I began or revised/organized in December. I have 31 of them. I need to do a post about that another time. While I have been working on short work, and publishing some, I forgot all about that December business. That's something to look forward to!
  • Spend a lot more time with Facebook flash and essay-writing groups, checking out what people are publishing and where. Haven't done this at all. 
  • Look for more on-line writing classes/workshops. I signed up for one today. Attended two.
  • Commit more time to reading essays and short stories. I'm trying to read essays, short stories, and humor in the evening. And I am, in fact, reading a book by David Sedaris right now. 


Goal 2Finish a draft of YA thriller that could become an adult thriller.  


  • I took a break from this project after November, so I'll need to reread what I've done to bring myself back up to speed. Did this much at least.
  • I have some outlining/blueprinting done for the next work. Go over this and extend it. Did a little bit.
  • Read YA thrillers. Hmm. Not doing a great job on this. You can check out my reading on Goodreads. But, again, this is something to look forward to!
  • Read history, since that's a significant factor for a character and maybe in other ways. Not much, but a little.
  • Make a big push on this during May. I tried, but was diverted with short form writing. I'm pushing this summer.


Goal 3. Concentrate on submissions and maintaining the number of submissions I made last year.  First off, I've made 28 submissions this year with 7 acceptances and two terrific rejections with feedback.


  • Try to submit once a month to a Medium publication. I have something ready to go right now. I didn't do this monthly, but I have had 7 pieces published at Medium sites, and we are starting the 7th month of the year, so that's kind of like monthly.
  • Submit to the two major humor sites at Medium. I've done that. Had a piece accepted by one of them and got some great feedback from the other.
  • Submit to the journal that was encouraging last year. I haven't done this yet, because I want to revise something for them. Didn't even come close to doing this.
  • Search for agents to submit to, particularly for the adult manuscripts that haven't been submitted to as many people as the middle grade stories have. Kind of. I want to do a DIY book submission retreat later this year.
  • Take advantage of Twitter pitch opportunities. I have done this, though the major one I submitted to in the past, Pitmad, is gone.


 Goal 4. Community Building/General Marketing/Branding


  • Mark Original Content's 20th anniversary with reprinting material from the archives that connect with present events. Yes.
  • Provide social media support for writers/bloggers generating diversity material. If nothing else, I can combine some archival material to do this and mark OC's anniversary at the same time. A multiplier! Yes, though I could do more.
  • Continue with the virtual author opportunities posts, if I continue to find them. Yes, though those are disappearing.
  • Attend virtual book launches and promote here. Not so much, because of the objective above.
  • Use NetGalley to support authors with new books publishing this year. Yes.
  • Continue with promoting Original Content at Facebook communities, Goodreads' blog, and Twitter. Yes, though I haven't been using the Goodreads blog at all. Something to look forward to!
  • Check-in with goals and objectives quarterly. Yes for this quarter, anyway. 

I would be feeling discouraged except for the short-form work, submissions, and publications. However, I'm a believer in 'begin again.' I've got half a year to go. I have all these objectives to work on. I'm excited to move on.

That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

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