Friday, July 08, 2022

What Were You Doing Back In July, 2004, Gail?

What was I doing back in July, 2004? Well, that was back in the day when I had editors waiting for me and contractual obligations. Yes, one could argue that life is easier now. 

As part of my observance of Original Content's 20th anniversary, I am republishing this post from July, 2004. In part, I'm doing it to prove that I did use to work harder. But more importantly, because it may be one of my earliest references to Jane Yolen. I was obsessed with her for a while, not to the extent that I have been obsessed with Shirley Jackson, but still obsessed. Plus, Yolen is alive while Jackson isn't, so many of my Yolen posts were probably borderline stalking.

I no longer go to Yolen's on-line journal, though I do follow her on Facebook. And she's still doing more than I am.

Thursday, July 29, 2004 Just Can't Keep Up

I missed posting yesterday because I'm working on the fourth revision of a book (I mention this because I suspect there are people who think I don't do anything at all), and though it is going well, for a revision, I always get to a point where I am consumed. Not necessarily in the good sense of the word. Even when I'm not working on it, I have trouble doing much of anything else--like ironing, grocery shopping, other types of paperwork. I'm hoping to finish this revision next week and try to get back to what passes for a normal life for me.

I've noticed that Jane Yolen has started an on-line journal. It doesn't seem to be a traditional blog, but a traditional journal maintained on-line. I admire what she's doing, but I don't know if I'll be reading it much because...she does too much work . Her work habits are far better than mine, and I don't want to keep reminding myself.

On the other hand, maybe this is just what I need.

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