Friday, July 15, 2022

I'm Doing #MGReadathon

This weekend I'm doing the #MGReadathon organized/sponsored by Karen Yingling of Ms. Yingling Reads. I am not well prepared for this, which I never advocate on Time Management Tuesdays, but I'm grabbing an opportunity for some intense reading and Twitter socialization. And I just happen to have brought some middle grade books home from the library on Monday. 

I won't be posting about the books until next week, but I'll be posting cover images on Twitter as I finish the books. You can use the #MGReadathon hashtag to follow what's being read on Twitter. Truthfully, I'm only talking maybe four books. Karen is hoping to read thirty.

My 48 hours began at 2:30 this afternoon in a pickup truck on the way home from biking. Life is chaos, and I will be reading chaotically until mid-afternoon Sunday.

I've finished Book One!


Valinora Troy said...

Congratulations on finishing book 1! I have visitors this weekend (plus a looming deadline) so filling in every spare moment but my book count won't be high (this year). :) Best of luck!

Max @ Completely Full Bookshelf said...

It's wonderful that you're joining the #MGReadathon action! I think Ms. Yingling is a faster reader than us all—I would be lucky to get through 2 MG books in an intensely focused weekend, which is why I'm slightly bending the rules and trying to marathon picture books! Enjoy your next few books, Gail!