Wednesday, June 15, 2005

A Great Interview

Blog of a Bookslut (or is it the Bookslut Blog?) is one of my favorite literary blogs. I've never linked to it before because it has a lot of mature content. Since my blog is connected to a children's author's website, and I encourage kids to come to it, it seemed inappropriate to link to a blog that is clearly written for adults.

Well, Blog of a B.S., as I often refer to it here, is connected to a site called Bookslut. This month Bookslut has a great interview with Jon Scieszka who is so well-known I'm not going to bother listing all his books. (Okay, he's done 15 Time Warp Trios).

The interview is all about Scieszka's project to encourage boys to read.

Jon Scieszka and I both read at the same Author's Tea once. I don't remember much about him because I was so busy being nervous about my own presentation and discovering that I like smoked salmon.

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