Friday, January 06, 2006

Author I've Never Heard of Starts Column I'm Going to Read

Louise Doughty, who I'm sure is a very fine writer even though I only heard of her two or three minutes ago, is starting a column called Write a Novel in a Year. She estimates it takes three years to write a novel and that the material her readers will have after following her advice for a year will be just the beginning.

Hey, I'm going to read it. I hope it's not a daily column.

Thanks to Blog of a Bookslut for the link.

By the way, Blog of a Bookslut is a great blog. I've never actually used the term "Bookslut" in this blog, because this blog is part of my website which is directed to readers of all ages. In the unlikely event that kids read this blog, I felt I should protect them from the word "slut." I'm not protecting anybody anymore! Oh, wait. Yes, I am. Because I'm not linking to Blog of a Bookslut. The content there is mature, and in the unlikely event that kids read this blog, they'll just have to find Bookslut on their own.

A Holiday I'd Like To Celebrate

Years back when I was a Sunday school teacher, I finally learned what Epiphany is. In the Christian calendar it's the observance of the day the Three Wise Men or Three Kings found the Christ child. In Hispanic cultures it's known as Three Kings' Day and is celebrated to a greater extent than in other parts of the world.

In my neighborhood it isn't celebrated at all. I really got into it for a while, though. One year when we were celebrating a particularly late Christmas get together with family members, I had an Epiphany tea complete with Wise Men candles and a Three King Bread. I wasn't watching the candles, they melted all over my Christmas table cloth, and burned a hole in it.

Great times, great times.

Anyway, when I saw Hurray for Three Kings' Day by Lori Marie Carlson at my local library, I had to snatch it up. I definitely was left feeling that I was right all those years ago. This is a holiday I could really enjoy.

I'm Traveling

I'm leaving tomorrow for five days. This, of course, means that I'll be able to read in the car. I should have much to report on my return.

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