Saturday, January 14, 2006

A Break From Vacation Talk

Though I am sure everyone is sitting on pins and needles to hear what I'm going to complain about (see end of yesterday's post), I've decided to put it off until Monday because I'm tired of talking about myself.

Not really.

If you scroll down to the January 13 The Doctor Is In post at Buzz, Balls & Hype, you can read about a writing problem I suffer from. (See, I am still talking about me.) I didn't read every word of this entry, but I should.

Fortunately, I was reminded of this year's Bloggies after the nominations closed, so I don't have to worry about humiliating myself by begging people to nominate me. After Friday, January 20th we can all see if anyone we know is up for an award.

Creative Non-What?

I wasn't going to mention the whole Million Little Pieces mess because what can I possibly have to say about this that someone hasn't already said? Particularly since I haven't read the book? And what does it have to do with kidlit?

However, I saw this article on memoirs and creative non-fiction, and all of a sudden I got interested. Because I've always wondered what creative non-fiction is and how you write it. I took a graduate-level essay course. I grilled a young relative who took an undergraduate personal essay course. I've never been able to get much in the way of answers.

You may have noticed that I am sometimes sensitive about being nit-picky, wanting things defined, etc. But, people! Look what happens when terms aren't clearly defined! Everything goes to pieces. A million of them.

(Thanks to for the link.)

And now, for the first time in perhaps 5 or 6 months, I must make an effort to clean my desk. Yes, that means that sometime next week you'll probably be reading about what I find there.

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