Friday, May 19, 2006

And The Winners Are...

As I may have mentioned earlier, my computer guy created a little program to randomly generate numbers. We just used it to determine the six winners of the Happy Kid! Giveaway, which we ran to celebrate its publication day.

I'm happy to say that one winner is the school in Massachusetts where I appeared last month. The librarian at the school in Vermont where I'll be appearing next Friday also won. Someone I met at Whispering Pines won a copy, as did the youngest child of one of computer guy's co-workers. The last two will be going to people I know nothing about, though I'm feeling very warmly toward them right now.

One of my friends e-mail me today to say she didn't enter the drawing because she bought the book last night at a bookstore. I'm so accustomed to not finding my hard cover books at bookstores that it never occurred to me to go to a store to look for it. Perhaps I should have gone shopping yesterday instead of cleaning one of my bathrooms.

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