Monday, May 29, 2006

"Book Tour" Over

Well, I'm back from my school and bookstore appearance in Vermont. I visited the elementary school in my hometown--student population around 25. The next day I spoke and did a reading at Briggs Carriage Bookstore for ten people. They usually have ten to fifteen people at their author appearances so that wasn't bad. However, six of those people were my relatives and another three were my history teacher, his wife, and daughter. The tenth was my contact at the store.

I arranged these events in the hopes of getting coverage for the new book in one of the two local papers. No such luck. I only made the "Calendar" sections, though I made the "Calendar" sections of a number of papers and am supposed to have been part of Vermont Public Radio announcements, too. (I've never been at a bookstore that does as much to promote their writers as Briggs Carriage does.)

Now, I could get really bummed about this because we're talking the area where I grew up. However, my contact at the store told me they got a call from an organization in Vermont that was interested in me and he is interested in doing a multi-author event for YA writers next year and asked if I'd be interested. So you never know what can come from these things.

Plus I had a really good lunch with my relatives.

And, this is pretty much the end of my book promotion for Happy Kid! All I have left is a bookstore appearance here in Connecticut on the Foruth of July weekend. Tjat will just involve hanging out for a couple of hours with a bookstore owner I've already met and enjoy. I am so incredibly relieved to have this over with. No more frustration over wasted effort. Nothing left to prep for. I can spend my time writing now.

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Kelly said...

Welcome back, Gail!