Monday, May 08, 2006

My Life Is So Stinking Glamorous I Don't Know How I Can Stand It

Marketing Update:Today was my interview with the one local paper that has shown any interest in my new book. I prepared for it rigorously. I spent a big chunk of yesterday cleaning. Today I blew dry my hair instead of letting it dry on its own. I used styling glue/paste/whatever the stuff is to keep it in place. I wore my Bill Blass blue jeans and my Geoffrey Beene shirt. I did my face, but carefully--only foundation, mascara, and pale pink lipstick because I was meeting this person in my home and I didn't want to look over eager to impress the reporter.

Okay. So, we finish the interview, and she pulls out the publicity photo I'd sent her with the press packet and she says, "Shall I just use this picture? I see you're not prepared to be photographed."


I came this close to saying to her, "This is as good as it gets," but I was rather stunned so I just indicated I was happy with the picture I'd sent her. Of course, now I wonder if there was something wrong with it because otherwise why would she have asked if I wanted her to use it?

Have I said yet that I'm never getting this involved with marketing again?


Kelly said...

Aw, poor Gail. That marketing business sounds very stressful!

Leila said...

Gah. Shouldn't marketing people have some degree of tact?

Gail Gauthier said...

In her defense, I don't think she meant to be offensive. We'd been chatting away, and she was probably feeling relaxed. Very relaxed.