Thursday, August 10, 2006

Can We All Get A Piece Of This?

My first thought on reading Fuse #8 Production’s post Cabot Gone Corporate was to agree with her. Absolutely.

My second thought was, what corporate promotional deals can I swing for my books?

How about Oil of Olay since there's a grandmother in Happy Kid!? Also Clairol because Nana dyes her hair. Hey, if I have some kind of deal with those companies, shouldn’t I get a discount on the products I use?

Then there's Adidas because it carries a line of taekwondo uniforms and tkd is a big part of Happy Kid! I wear cheaper doboks, but if I had a deal with Adidas and they gave me a discount, I’d be happy to wear theirs.

A composting toilet company makes sense because I give those things a shout-out in Saving the Planet & Stuff. In fact, I’ll consider a promotional deal from any environmental company. Marketers of products for solar homes ought to give this some serious thought—particularly since I would love a solar home and, once again, I’m hoping for a discount from my sponsor.

Finally, St. Albert Brand Cheese in St. Albert, Ontario works because it sells cheese curds, which are mentioned in The Hero of Ticonderoga. My Great-uncle Oscar also worked there once upon a time, so I have a family connection as well. Two reasons for them to promote me and send me free cheese curds, which I cannot find anywhere around where I live.

I'm sure there are more ways I can think of to work together with corporations to our mutual advantage. Thank you, Meg Cabot, for opening the door.

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