Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Things Aren't Exactly Moving Along Here

I sent my manuscript out two weeks ago. Since then I have made minimal progress on the short story and essay I started quite some time ago, I haven't caught up with the Novel in a Year exercises because I've spent so much time going over the exercises I'd already completed, and I haven't finished cleaning my desk. In addition to all those partially completed tasks I now have a partially painted bedroom.

I think the only thing I've finished is updating my website. That's because I told Computer Guy to do it.

Today while I was working on my desk, I found a really good pen, which I hid from the rest of the family, a hardcopy of an e-mail about the significance of cursive writing (what was I thinking?), and a small newspaper clipping regarding a book on biking.

Well, you can't move a river, right? You can only flow with it.

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