Friday, August 11, 2006

Uh-oh. I Feel An Obsession Coming On

I'm afraid I'm becoming obsessed with all things Meg Cabot just as I'm obsessed with Jane Yolen's Journal. It's not as if I'm a major fan of these writers. I've never read anything by Cabot, and I haven't read anything by Yolen since my children were small. (We will not get into how long that's been.) It's the personas these women project on-line that I find so...riveting.

Jane just suffered through another case of food poisoning while at a writers' conference. She has absolutely horrifying experiences alone in motel bathrooms. On the other hand, though, when she's healthy she spends a great deal of time shopping and going out to eat. You have to admire her guts. If I'd been as sick as she's been after eating in restaurants, I don't think I'd let anyone else cook for me.

Meg Cabot is extremely photogenic. I chose this picture because I have one of myself in blue jeans speaking before a group (of 10 people, 6 of whom I was related to) over Memorial Day Weekend. When I left the house that morning, I thought I was going to look like Meg does in this picture. Then in this vidlit promotional thingie (thank you bookshelves of doom) we learn that on a typical day, she wakes up to over 2,000 unread e-mails, most of them about one of her books. On a typical day, I wake up to 5 unread e-mails. They are all offers to sell me sexual dysfunction products or watches. (Watches?)

Jane and I both read Ruth Rendell novels. Meg and I both watch House Hunters.

I feel as if the three of us are forming a little on-line writers' community. In my head.

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