Monday, October 16, 2006

I Have Something To Say About Snicket After All

I wasn't planning to blog about The End hoopla because I had nothing new to say about Lemony Snicket, given that I've only read a couple of "his" books and didn't really get them.

However, I was channel-surfing this morning while exercising (remember class, the longer you exercise, the longer you can keep the TV on) and I stumbled upon the end of an interview with Daniel Handler on NECN. This guy was every bit as brilliant as he is said to be. He was doing his "I'm speaking out against the author" routine and holding the book up so the camera could get a good shot while he told everyone that they shouldn't buy this horrible book. The reporter interviewing him asked if he was using reverse psychology to sell his book. Handler said something like, "I'm using sincerity, something you probably don't understand, being a member of the media." Her mouth dropped. Then she asked him if he had children. He immediately responded with something like, "Yes, I'm happily married. But if my marriage should fail, I will call you immediately, Ms.__________. Not to worry." At which point her eyes popped.

He had such total control of that interview. It was a sight to behold.

This is probably an example of publicity doing what publicity is supposed to do. Because I'm now thinking I should give his books another shot. Maybe next year if we do another 48 Hour Book Challenge, I'll try to read them all in one weekend. I'll be taking a terrible risk, but I am a reading warrior.


Nancy said...

I just read the whole series in about a week, and I wasn't trying to push too hard, so I think it is doable in a 48 hour book challenge, especially if you are, as you say, a warrior.

The interview sounds fantastic. Wish I had seen it.

Gail Gauthier said...

I had heard about what Handler is like in his public appearances, but I'd never actually seen one. He did not disappoint.

dhamel said...

He's a clever, clever boy, that Lemony. And Daniel Handler is too. I'm reading his ADVERBS now. Also very impressive in his oeuvre is THE BASIC EIGHT.