Monday, October 09, 2006

Loved The Wolf

Listening to audio kids books is turning into a travel tradition here. We polished off Wolf Brother by Michelle Paver yesterday because we couldn't quite finish it on our way home from the Cape.

Wolf Brother is set 6,000 years ago, which is not my favorite time period. However, the characters transcended their setting, probably because Paver wasn't so intent on showing me all she knows about the past that she forgot about characterization. There was an excellent balance between research/setting, story, and character. I sort of guessed the ending (in a satisfying sort of way), but Paver gave it a nice little twist I wasn't expecting.

As with Sabriel, when things started getting all mystical, I began to get lost. In this particular case, my falling asleep at a crucial point in the story while another family member was driving contributed to the problem. (I'm not slamming Paver by mentioning that--the book hasn't been written that can keep me awake.)

My traveling companion was so into the story that he kept saying, "Maybe there'll be a sequel!" There is. And look! It's out on audio! And Ian McKellen is reading it just as he did Wolf Brother! (This guy was so good. Be sure to read what he has to say about Spirit Walker in The Telegraph.)

Anyway, I know what I'll probably be listening to in the car on the way to Vermont in January.

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