Friday, October 06, 2006

While I Was Out

I hope you all remembered Buy A Friend A Book Week even though I wasn't here to remind you. I actually bought two books to give away while I was on vacation.

Also, during the month of September, my webstats were all over the place. (Perhaps I'm competing with the new television season?) So imagine my surprise last night when we stumbled upon a computer station at our hotel, and I found that this past week, while I was not updating the blog, my webstats were great.

Perhaps Michele at Scholar's Blog or Frank Portman at Dr. Frank's What's It had something to do with the jump.

Frank Portman was very cool about my lack of enthusiasm for his book. I can be cool, too, which is why I'm not upset about what Bottomless Pit had to say about me in "Comments." Hey, s/he spelled my name right.

It looks as if a King Dork discussion is about to get started at child_lit. Only one post so far, but it was pro-Dork.

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