Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Is This A Good Thing Or A Bad Thing?

I became very excited on Sunday when I read that this fall (a week from today according to Amazon) Ray Bradbury has a sequel coming out to...Dandelion Wine!

Dandelion Wine was probably the most magical book I read when I was young. The fact that I was never able to interest the young 'uns in our family in it was a minor heartbreak. So when I read about Farewell Summer, I immediately started making plans to reread Dandelion Wine in preparation for the follow-up.

And I probably will do that at some point (there's so much to read!), but I think I'll be taking a chance. A number of years back I read a big chunk of Dandelion Wine out loud to young family members. It held up just fine. But what will I think of it now? And will the second book do the first book justice? It's been a long time between books. Bradbury is an elderly man, and I'm not getting any younger, myself. The publisher describes the book as being about "...the age-old conflict: the young against the elderly, for control of the clock that ticks their lives ever forward."

That could be a downer.

But I'm a reading warrior, right? I will take my courage in hand and go forth.

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Anonymous said...

Oh my God, oh my God, oh my God, oh my God!!!

We're bound to horribly disappointed, yes? I fear yes. Doesn't keep me from wanting to read the book, tho.