Tuesday, October 31, 2006

My Halloween Post

First off, Michelle at Scholar's Blog is hosting the Eighth Carnival of Children's Literature: Halloween.

Then Neil Gaiman has a great essay called Ghosts in the Machines in The New York Times. (Thank you, Blog of a Bookslut. I enjoyed that.)

And, of course, since it's Halloween, it's time to start talking about Christmas. (ArtsJournal.com)

Today I saw Superman riding a motorcyle not far from Shaw's in the next town. Why, I wondered, was the Man of Steel wearing a helmet? One of my young relatives came up with the correct answer, I'm sure. He said, "...obviously Superman was wearing a helmet to show the kids the right way to ride a bike. Safety first." Yeah, that's Superman all over. Batman, being an edgier guy, would have been riding bareheaded.

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