Friday, January 12, 2007

Back To The Salt Mine

A few hours ago I got back from one of those mountain vacations where you go for walks every day, sit by the fire and read, take a few yoga classes, and don't cook your own meals. Now I'm trying to breath deeply and not feel overwhelmed by the manuscript I have to revise, the presentation I have to plan, or the e-mails I have to reply to.

Not that I ever do that much.

While I was away, I finally was able to visit The Flying Pig Bookstore in Shelburne, Vermont. Up until recently, The Flying Pig was in Charlotte, Vermont, which, co-owner Josie Leavitt told me, was only about ten minutes from its present location. But though I never managed to show up at the Charlotte store when it was open, I've been in the parking lot. It was somewhat remote without a lot of other businesses nearby to help bring in customers. Yet The Flying Pig was in business there for ten years. That's an impressive accomplishment.

The new location is lovely and just up the road from one of the area's tourist draws. I hope the store will continue to thrive.

And I'm not just saying that because I found three (or was it four?) copies of The Hero of Ticonderoga on a shelf as well as a copy of A Year With Butch And Spike, which is out of print. (All those copies are now signed, by the way.) One of the neat things about an independent bookstore, especially one of the smaller ones, is that you can walk along the shelves and speculate about the reading tastes of the owners. I saw a lot of titles at The Flying Pig that I've recently read or would like to. It was as if the owners and I seek out the same books.

The Flying Pig also has a newsletter that includes a great "If you liked X, you should try Y" section.

Really, it's a lovely store and worth a stop if you're vacationing in Vermont. Or if you live there.

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