Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Reconsidering Silver City With BDT

My young family member, BDT, recently read Silver City, a Cybil nominee written by Cliff McNish. The book is the second in a trilogy.

I said of it, "The book stands alone remarkably well, in large part because the writing is so intense and the situation the characters find themselves in is so horrific." I also wrote, "Okay, it's not exactly probable. But the writing is so self-assured and, as I already said, intense, that you have to accept it."

BDT said, "I enjoyed it immensely. I did think the author seemed to take a couple of pages out of Marvel comics (they already have a Devourer of Worlds and a Silver Surfer who tries to stop him), but the book was quite good. I especially liked that I could read the second book of the series and not feel completely lost."

I think it's safe to say that Silver City was pretty well liked by both of us.

This is the second time BDT and I have compared a book we've been discussing to a Marvel comic. Realize that in the extended Gauthier family, being compared to a Marvel comic book is not a bad thing.

BDT also told me that he's requested Silver City, the third book in McNish's trilogy, from a local library.

You know I can't leave the series vs. serial issue alone. I just have to point out here that a series book that could be read on its own led a reader to another book in the series.

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