Friday, February 02, 2007

Slogging Through The Next Draft

Here is a small example of why it takes me so incredibly long to write almost anything:

Last summer I was writing the first draft of the second Hannah and Brandon book. I wanted to do a section relating to puppets, so, of course, I had to drop everything and read Pinocchio. Now I'm working on another draft of that book and I want to make extensive changes to the Pinocchio section. But I need a little something to stimulate me. Since I no longer have the library's copy of Pinocchio and thought I saw the whole thing on-line last summer, I went looking for it this afternoon.

That is how I came upon The Persistent Puppet: Pinocchio's Heirs in Contemporary Fiction and Film. It appears to be a lecture or essay or portions of a course that is archived at The University of Chicago Library's Digital Collections. It's a real gem, so I spent a big chunk of time reading it.

I did come up with some new ideas for my revision. But I didn't actually finish the revision. Or even get halfway through the puppet section.

So work just drags on.

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