Wednesday, March 28, 2007


MotherReader has tagged me as a Thinking Blogger. This was very flattering, especially since here in the carbon-based world not only do I not get awards for thinking, I am often accused of thinking too much.

Like the blogger who began this Thinking Blogger Meme, I think long and hard (there I go again) before taking part in memes because they usually involve personal material. I try to stay on task and topic, though I know many would argue that going on about my problems with my GPS device was pushing the boundary. I am also aware that this is the second meme I've responded to in the last week. But they were both professional!

So I need to tag some Thinking Bloggers. As it turns out, MotherReader and I are in agreement on one (and more than one, of course) topic--we both think Oz and Ends and Chasing Ray are Thinking Bloggers. They get so deeply into topics that interest me that I frequently have to make hard copies of posts (or posts/articles they link to) to read when I have the time to really get into them. At Oz and Ends, in particular, I feel as if I'm getting an education in fantasy literature.

On the subject of memes, in general, I'd like to suggest that this concept predates blogs. I have a young relative who, say, seven, eight years ago, would receive something that looked like surveys in his e-mail from his friends at school. These things would be lists of questions about his preferences for movies, music, etc., which he would answer and send on to others. These surveys often didn't relate to just one topic the way today's memes often do, but I think the basic point and purpose was the same--to get to know people and create community.

Hmmm. I'm getting some ideas for the new project I'm working on now. Thanks MotherReader.


Michele said...

Oh boy do I know what you mean about being accused of thinking to much ! And my response these days is quite often "No, other people just don't think enough!" - depending on the context.

MotherReader said...

I'm glad you accepted the on-topic meme and Thinking Blogger honor. I've always enjoyed that your blog, while sometimes about your own personal writing experience, is broader and insightful about other literary interests. I like hearing your opinion, even when like BACA or "fluff," it doesn't echo my own. (Would it kill that whole sentiment there if I added, "you rock," or would it have that kind of ironic thing going on?)