Wednesday, March 21, 2007

To Say Nothing About What Could Be Done With Make-up And Lighting

I'm considering turning down a request for a library appearance because it will require me to travel through a bit of New York City in order to get to the Garden State Parkway. So this article on authors giving up tours in favor of movies...spoke to me, shall we say?

Though, seriously, if people won't come out to a bookstore to see a live author, why will they turn up to sit in chairs and look at a short movie that will almost certainly not be shown on a big screen? And will not have any car chases or nudity?


Liz B said...

If you end up coming to NJ let me know! (I'm at Exit 90.)

Keri said...

You're in CT, right? I grew up in Jersey but live in Boston right now, so I spend loads of time driving 84W to 684W to 287S over the Tappan Zee to the Parkway.

I love NYC but I don't drive there. Ever.

Gail Gauthier said...

I believe I would have to go over the George Washington Bridge. But they are all the same to me, I'm afraid.

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