Friday, January 04, 2008

Gail Goes To The Library

Yeah, this is newsworthy because I've been so overwhelmed with work and Christmas that I've been reading off my TBR shelves. I know. I should be reading off them, anyway, but the library is so full of pretty things. I got so excited about getting out yesterday that I went to two libraries.

My experience indicates that the Cybils do their job. (Does its job? What is that word, anyway?) Because I saw Skulduggery Pleasant on the SciFi and Fantasy Finalists list, I picked it up when I stumbled upon it at I'm a Reading Fool's library. I probably would have passed it by, otherwise, because "skulduggery" isn't a word that's a big draw for me. But I'm enjoying the book. I also picked up Faradawn, Book 2 in The Fog Mound trilogy because I liked Travels of Thelonius, the first book in the series, when it was on the Cybils' SciFi/Fantasy reading list the year I was on the panel. And, finally, I was delighted to see Hellbent, another Cybils' nominee from last year, prominently displayed with the new books. Hellbent will definitely be of interest to older teens and deserves attention.

On a less happy note, I brought home a book I've seen being discussed on one of my listservs only to realize today that it's written by someone who wrote a book a few years ago that I absolutely hated. I'm not feeling good about that.

This has nothing to do with my trip to the library, but I just found a recent review of another 2006 Cybils SciFi/Fantasy contender.

Why do I keep bringing up my favorites from my Cybils year? Because they are my little lads, and I will take care of them!

Recognize that (nonCybils) reference? You will in another day or two.


Anamaria (bookstogether) said...

I just wanted to chime in on the Cybils--I'm definitely reading from the short lists (more than one book from SFF, too).

Reading Fool said...

You've got me very, very curious about what historical fiction you've been reading lately! And I hope you enjoy Skulduggery Pleasant as much as I did. I'm planning to booktalk it soon, and I hope I come up with something worthy of it.

Becky Levine said...

I loved Skulduggery Pleasant; it made it into the small category of books that all three members of my immediate family really enjoyed. It felt like an almost perfect version of a tightly-written, purely FUN read.

gail said...

I definitely liked it and will be blogging about it, probably later today.

Anonymous said...

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