Friday, January 18, 2008

Not The Kind Of List I Usually See

Though I can't make any claims to being a science-oriented person, in a past-life (or while living in an alternative timeline, either way you want to think of it), I was a PTO Science Fair chairperson for two years. What I lacked in technical knowledge I tried to make up for with administrative enthusiasm.

Thus, I was attracted to Open Wide, Look Inside's Outstanding Science Books Published in 2007. As an administrative-type, I was interested to see that the list is broken down into categories.

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Tricia said...

Hi Gail,
Thanks for mentioning my new blog. Alas, I wish I could take credit for the organization, but it's all taken from the structure of the NSTA outstanding list.

P.S. - William and I can't wait for A Girl, A Boy and Three Robbers!