Saturday, January 12, 2008

Greetings From My Retreat

No, I am not on a writing retreat like the one Mitali Perkins went on last month. I'm on a frolic in the snow/hit the fitness center/eat out in restaurants/read adult fiction retreat. Someone who got (himself) a laptop for Christmas insisted on bringing it so I have glacial Internet access. I may try to catch up on some blog reading I fell behind on in December. And I did bring that flash fiction collection I was going to try to find and even started reading it on this fantastic exercise bicycle. And I brought a collection of essays because I'm hoping to work on some this spring. But, otherwise, this is not a writers' retreat at all.

Though it is this writer's retreat.


Jen Robinson said...

Enjoy your retreat, Gail! It sounds recharging.

Anonymous said...

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