Thursday, July 22, 2010

I'm Off For The Weekend

I'm supposed to be taking off in a few hours for a three-day anniversary trip. In honor of the event, I will direct you to Peni Griffin's post Marriage for Writers. She gets very deep and into her subject.

I will just add that my own experience suggests that writers will do well to find a spouse who can take care of their computers and manage their graphic work--not just for practicality's sake, but because then the spouse has a hand in the writer's career. They are a work team. If you can find someone who is a marketing wonk, I'm sure that would do the trick, too.

If you can find a mate who has a family member who is a writer, that can work for you, too, because then your spouse will know that what you want to do--become a published writer--is possible. In my own family, becoming a writer was as likely as becoming an astronaut or a member of a royal family. In my husband's family, I suspect they all wonder what took me so long.

Link to Marriage for Writers from Cynsations.

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