Monday, July 05, 2010

We Could Say The New Duds Are Anti-heroic

When I was in college, Wonder Woman and the Bionic Woman fascinated me a bit because they were the only physically powerful women on TV. Yes, they were most definitely lame. They were embarrassing, in fact. But this was just before Ellen Ripley, and we didn't have much to choose from. (Seriously, this was my motherhood role model when my children were small. I used to fantasize about saying, "Get away from him, you bitch" to one of my older son's preschool teachers.)

So, I've been mildly interested in the Wonder Woman makeover. And while I can't say that I adore it, I do think it has a lot to recommend it. For one thing, it makes WW look hippy, and, let's face it, women have hips. A number of people have commented on how tight her pants look. To me they look as if they contain more than a bit of some kind of Lycra or Spandex or both. Speaking as someone who works out regularly, I have to say that stuff is comfortable for movement. I'm glad to see the hot pants go. I've never been in a fight, myself, but I have made many sad attempts at sparring, and I can tell you that no sane person wants to have to do something like that while wearing shorts. In fact, most people would want to be wearing shin guards over their Lycra/Spandex pants.

And, finally, I am delighted to see no sign of a cape. Even though, as I said, I have never been in a fight, I guarantee that capes would be nothing but trouble in a real fight. In my humble opinion, a realistic superhero wouldn't be caught dead in one. How would they fly, you may ask? Come on, if those folks can fly, they can fly. They don't need a cape. If a cape made it possible to fly, wouldn't everyone be wearing one?

So while the new Wonder Woman outfit may not be perfect, it sure beats what she used to wear.

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