Thursday, May 17, 2012

And The Winner Is... Tina Nichols Coury, who is in the running for my new BFF, took part in a blog tour last week in support of her new book, Hanging Off Jefferson's Nose, complete with raffles. On day two, she stopped at Jewish Books for Children with Author Barbara Bietz (notice what fine taste Barbara has in blog templates), where she ran a raffle with the prize.

Yes, I won a Kindle.

This just fits in perfectly with the way my mind has been running these last few months. I've been reading about epublishing and traditionally published authors epublishing their out-of-print books as a way of maintaining a backlist of their titles. As it turns out, I have an ebook backlist already, by way of the three books my publisher has published as ebooks. So I'm hoping to start doing some promotion for those titles as well as perhaps to publish another one myself.

Owning an ereader and being an ereader seems like a good way to begin my experimentation with this kind of publishing.

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