Friday, May 18, 2012

Here We Go Again

Yes, people, it's time for some more NESCBWI member blog visits.

Today we're hitting Terry Farrish's blog, The Elephant Rag. Terry is a writer who is involved with the New Hampshire Humanities Council. The Elephant Rag "is about books for children and teens from many cultures, and follows the Humanities Council project to create a Nepali-English picture book with new Americans from Bhutan." Terry's book, The Good Braider, was published this month.

Shoshana Flax is a book seller and reviewer. Her blog, Walk the Ridgepole, has had a number of posts relating to the recent NESCBWI conference. She's also written about The Hunger Games, which is not at all surprising from a bookseller. Shoshana is also one of the contributors to the brookline booksmith's blog.

I met Deborah Freedman a few years back. She is an author and illustrator whose blog, logically enough, is called writes with pictures.

Words Not Taken, Bruce Frost's blog, has a lot of recent posts about his classroom. This looks like sophisticated writing on that subject. However, his site is divided into "paths."  The Picture Book Path is a compilation of articles, some he wrote for his blog, related to picture books and links to picture book biographies. This whole path or "way" thing, which he mentions in a couple of places--I so get that.

That's the "F" names. I would get started on the "G"s, but I'm kind of obsessed with Goodreads right now and want to get over there for a while.

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