Thursday, May 03, 2012

"Best Of" With A Classic Twist

I am not fond of "Best of" lists, but someone on Facebook linked to an interesting one at Pragmatic Mom, a blog which appears to deal with homeschooling. While poking around there, I found a couple more listy things. I think what interests me about these lists is that they all deal with so-called classics but in unusual ways.

First off, Top 10: Best Old Fashioned Children's Books and Their Modern Day Equivalents  This was interesting because I've been hearing about No. 1, All of a Kind Family, for years, though I've yet to read it. But I have read The Penderwicks, for what that's worth.

The next list I found interesting was Top 10 Children's Chapter Books: Best Old Fashioned Conflict-Free Families Yes, okay, there may be a sappy element to wanting to find conflict-free family books. But if you've ever had to live in the same house with battling siblings for years and years, you may want to find one of these things and hole up in the bathroom with it. This list includes The Saturdays, another book I've been hearing about for years and have yet to read. 

The last list: Top 10: Classic Children's Books Not Beloved Now. These are books that are not loved by the Pragmatic Mom's children. Opinions may differ. Though I have to agree with the littlies on Amelia Bedelia.

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