Sunday, March 24, 2013

Weekend Links

Many of this weekend's links are recent ones because the Feedly reader is working so well for me, and I'm able to hit the blogs I actually want to follow on a more regular basis.

Go to India with Mitali Perkins. Great photos and captions. At the end of this post, Mitali writes about being able to speak in Bangla in many of her conversations while in India, mostly due to her parents. Not two hours before I saw this post, I had been feeling really proud of my self because I'd been able to read and understand an off-color joke in French that my cousin had sent me. It was kind of as if Mitali and I had had the same kind of linguistic experience, don't you think?

Every marketing effort counts--Author Scott Peterson is in California, but a Connecticut on-line paper gave his new book some coverage because he used to live there. That's, like, the other side of the country.

Heard through  Jen Robinson this week that Robert Cormier's books are available in eBook editions. This reminded me, of course, of my Robert Cormier story.

I shared 20 Embarrassingly Bad Book Cover for Classic Novels at my professional Facebook page, but it's good enough to share again and again. Got this from Melissa Wiley.

I've only read one book on this listMagic for Beginners, but the list really sounds like one for those teenage girls who aren't jumping up and down waiting for the next girl-torn-between-two-boyfriends story.

I love the idea of including "Authorial Asides" in a book post, the way Tanita does in this one for Awakening by Karen Sandler.

Roger Sutton on judging some of the judges involved in this year's Battle of the Kids' Books.


Unknown said...

I'm loving Feedly, too, and between it and some drastic pruning of my blog subscriptions, I'm actually keeping up with blog reading for the first time in years.

Gail Gauthier said...

I'm going the other way, Sheila! I'm actually going nuts adding blog subscriptions. At some point I'm going to do a blog post about that.